Nancy Missler Speaks of:

Jeanne Guyon


Few people in history have attained the high degree of intimacy with the Lord that Madame Guyon managed to reach and write about.  This Godly lady, who  lived in the 1600s, was persecuted every step of her life and her career.  She was forsaken by all her friends and acquaintances, betrayed by her family and even deserted by the Church.  She was born and reared in the Roman Catholic Church, yet she was tormented, afflicted, maltreated, abused and imprisoned for years by the same.  Her sole crime was that of supreme devotion and unmeasured attachment to Christ.  She loved Him with her whole being.

As a solitary woman, it's amazing to see how she subverted all the machinery of the kings, laughed to scorn the papal inquisition and silenced and confounded the more learned religious establishment of the day.  While she was enjoying oneness with Christ, they were floundering in darkness.  The only dignitary that opened his heart to her and extended a hand was Archbishop Fenelon.  Over his objections, the Church imprisoned her for ten years.  Her punishment was to write out her view of Christianity.  They had intended to try her in court on these records.   God, however, had another plan.  He used her writings to preserve her thoughts and deeper experiences with Christ for posterity.  Her writings were subsequently put into many books - Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, Union with God, Final Steps in Christian Maturity, and Song of the Bride, just to mention a few.

It was in Jeanne Guyon's books and St. John of the Cross's books that I first heard the term "the dark night of the soul."   Although I am neither a Catholic nor a mystic, God used these precious saints to let me know that I was not alone in what I was experiencing.  Others before me had endured such a "night season" and had come out even stronger and closer to the Lord because of it.

Thus, whenever I think of someone who truly knew what it meant to be "one" with Him and experience His fulness, Jeanne Guyon is the one who comes to my mind.  She shows us that no matter what our circumstances are, no matter how we feel or what we think, we can still experience intimacy with Him.

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