Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses

by  Andrew Murray (1828-1917)
(read by Joy Chan)

Total run time: 3:52:25

This is a series of short messages written by the South African minister, Andrew Murray. They deal with the necessity and joy of surrendering our lives completely to God.

1.  Absolute Surrender(28:06)

2.  The Fruit of the Spirit is Love(33:48)

3.  Separated Unto the Holy Spirit(22:19)

4.  Peter’s Repentance(16:27)

5.  Impossible with Man, Possible with God(21:45)

6.  O Wretched Man that I Am(19:46)

7.  Having Begun in the Spirit(25:13)

8.  Kept by the Power of God(31:36)

9.  Ye are the Branches(33:25)


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